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Ngak Min Health clinic works collaboratively with its partners to deliver comprehensive medical, health, mental health, allied health and wellbeing services. 

We are privileged to have an exceptional group of supporters who provide financial assistance to Ngak Min Health. With their support, we were able to provide 1,084 episodes of care between July-December 2022.

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We are grateful for the invaluable contributions that our partners below make towards supporting positive health outcomes for young Indigenous students.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with new potential donors who share our vision of closing the Health Gap. To support our mission, please visit the Cape York Parntership donation page or contact us. We appreciate your interest in partnering with us.

Cape York Partnership

Ngak Min Health is an entity of Cape York Partnership – a non-profit organisation that works to empower Indigenous families and communities to strive for lives of value, freedom and prosperity.

The Ngak Min model is informed by the ‘Team Around the Family’ approach. Through staff/parent training and curriculum integration, we are building the capability of all involved to promote healthy development and reduce the burden of disease.

Gilbert + Tobin

As a long-time supporter, Gilbert + Tobin proudly stands alongside Ngak Min Health to address the health inequalities for First Nations people and contribute to the betterment of Indigenous communities. They recognise the profound importance of the health services provided by Ngak Min Health and support the meaningful impact


With shared values and a mission for caring for people, KINNECT has been a strong supporter of Ngak Min Health, and their donations have helped provide culturally appropriate medical, health and wellbeing services for more young people and their families. In 2022, KINNECT selected Ngak Min Health as the beneficiary of its corporate fundraising program. Since then, KINNECT has donated funds to purchase a mobile diagnostic as well as helping to fund two new therapeutic spaces, where students can gather for individual and group counselling.

St.George Foundation

Ngak Min Health is immensely grateful to the St.George Foundation for a grant to pilot our Pathways to Wellbeing and Resilience program. The funding is empowering us to roll out a comprehensive, culturally appropriate counselling initiative to foster resilience and mental wellbeing. The program will have a lasting positive impact on the social and emotional health of more than 250 First Nations students from Djarragun College. By nurturing their resilience from a young age, we can help them break the disadvantage cycle and pave the way for a brighter, healthier future.

Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal

Ngak Min Health is a fortunate recipient of FRRR’s flagship Strengthening Rural Communities grant. These grants are awarded to projects that foster community connectedness and wellbeing, and support ongoing COVID and disaster recovery and preparedness. Under the category of Wellbeing and Resilience: Safeguarding Vulnerable Communities, Ngak Min the grant is being used to support our organisation's efforts post-pandemic to improve student immunisation access and health equity by procuring mobile refrigeration units for vaccine transport to remote communities.

Let’s Yarn About Sleep

Let’s Yarn About Sleep (LYAS) and Ngak Min Health have partnered to deliver a program dedicated to advancing sleep health within our school community. Recognising sleep as a crucial element in overall physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, our approach focuses on providing culturally responsive tools and knowledge to improve sleep for young people and communities. LYAS and Ngak Min Health initiatives have gained significant media attention and earned recognition through University of Queensland’s Partnership in Indigenous Excellence Award 2023. 


Did you know?

In the Western Cape York language of Wik Mungkan, Ngak Min means ‘healthy water’, a universal symbol for wellbeing, an element that brings us life, quenches, cleanses and heals. It embodies Ngak Min’s holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

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