Ngak Min Health clinic provides an innovative family-centred model with comprehensive medical, health, mental health, allied health, and wellbeing services.

We are a one-stop health centre for all families in the local community. We eliminate the multiple and complex referral pathways which are known to hinder access by many people.

We provide services into workplaces, schools, and community groups as a way to promote wellness.

As well as a full range of GP services we also offer specialist mental health and wellbeing services, psychology, paediatric, occupational therapy and speech therapy services, as well as parenting and family development programs.

Did you know?

In the Western Cape York language of Wik Mungkan, Ngak Min means ‘healthy water’, a universal symbol for wellbeing, an element that brings us life, quenches, cleanses and heals. It embodies Ngak Min’s holistic approach to health and wellbeing.